Once upon a time, 3 accountants / golfers were hanging by the company coffee pot dreaming of getting up every morning and going to play golf as we looked outside the gray interior of the building to the beautiful, glowing sunshine.  Randy and Keith considered being caddies for Michael since he is the pro golfer of the group but then we realized no golf tour would want Randy and Keith walking the course in their favorite clothing, spandex.  The next logical solution was to just buy a golf course.  We immediately started the planning of the course which included go-carts to use as golf carts, beer carts with draft beer, karaoke at the turn, and free yardage books to our patrons.

Then, after a few calls to find a course to buy we pooled all our money and discovered that $112.37 wasn't quite enough to purchase a golf course.  Our dreams were shattered and we thought we were stuck in a life of accounting and gray walls.  After a couple of days of misery and a round of golf at an unfamiliar course, the idea of free golf yardage books popped into our heads.  Our brains started storming and our excitement was renewed.

We discussed what was lacking at ALL the courses we have played and that is free yardage books.  Most courses are not marked enough for the average golfer to properly plan for each shot and the GPS devices at the courses we have played were not very accurate.  Then we started thinking of how we always want to get a bite to eat or a drink before and after the round but playing new courses makes this hard to do since we are unfamiliar with the area. 

We decided free yardage books with advertisements would be a great idea to assist golfers during their round as well as after their round when they wanted ideas for places to go eat, drink, shop, etc.  We were frustrated with poorly marked courses and having to search constantly for yardage markers.  Plus, with this idea we would be able to have jobs in the golf industry while working with local, regional, and national companies to sponsor our books.  All we want the golf courses to do is agree to pass the books out to all their golfers for FREE.  We do all the work with producing the hole images and measuring the yardages with laser range finders which are accurate to within 1 yard.

During a down economy, the best way for companies to survive is to find the right target audience while spending as little as possible to attract that target audience.  We have done significant research comparing direct mail campaigns and golfer specific advertising mediums to our rates.  Our rates are far lower than any other mediums we compared.  We produce a high quality product which provides tremendous benefits to golfers, advertisers and golf courses.

Free golf yardage books is the answer to help golfers, businesses and golf courses.  Golfers will have a more enjoyable round of golf.  Businesses will be able to reach their target audience with 100% exposure.  Golf courses will receive a great product for FREE!  Don't miss your chance to be involved in this innovative product.

We welcome you to contact us to find out more about our services and products.  See the contacts page to find our email addresses.

Good business relations always start with putting a face to a name.  So here we are!

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